How to Consign with Lullabies & Mudpies

Step 2: Collect & Prep

Step 3: Tag & Price

Step 4: Drop Off

Step 1: Register to Consign

Pensacola Consignors

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Step 2: Collect & Prep Your Items

Bring Your Best

We work hard to keep L&M standards high. All items go through a Quality Inspection at and after drop off, and we are accepting items  that have been gently loved and ready for new homes!


Clothing Limits

Childrens Clothing limit is 200 pieces (we count hangers). Bonus- EVENT STAFF- your limits double as a thank you for helping us merchandise sale items. All sellers-If you choose donate on your clothing tags-unlimited items.


Shoe Limit

Shoes-10 pair for each gender- Bonus- EVENT STAFF- your limits double as a thank you for helping us merchandise sale items. All sellers-If you choose donate on your shoe tags-unlimited items.

Accepted Items

Not all items are listed. Most items for infant to tweens are accepted.

  • 2023 THIS EVENT- 20 PCS MATERNITY accepted – 20 PCS Womens/Juniors accepted (Items will be distributed to sales floor by Opening Day).  (  SPRING EVENTS All childrens brands of clothing sizes accepted. (SPRING/SUMMER-NO heavy fabrics-fleece/cord/velour, long sleeves (light spring sweaters or pastel colors may be acceptable), winter boots/accessories, Christmas/Seasonal items
  • FALL EVENTS  All brand clothing items accepted for sizes Preemie-Youth 14/16. (FALL-NO tanks, swim, shorts, open toe shoes, Easter seasonal items)
  • ALL SEASONS ALL EVENTS Boutique, New With Tags, Pajamas, Dress-Up clothing, Cowboy Boots, Jeans & Capri pants, Team Sports, Dance, School Uniform shorts brands such as Lands End & French Toast. Sports shorts brands such as Underarmour, Adidas, & Nike
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR TOYS Playhouses, Kitchens, Tool Workbenches, Play Houses, Bikes, Riding Toys, Learning Toys
  • BOOKS/DVDs(Category must be discounted)Children’s books, Educational/Parenting books, family oriented DVDs in original cases. As a Team Member with 4 time blocks you are able to double limits, or if you mark all to donate your items are unlimited.
  • GAMES/ PUZZLES in original boxes, Games (VERIFY ALL PCS INCLUDED), Puzzles (VERIFY ALL PCS INCLUDED) Make a note on tag all pieces included
  • ELECTRONICS Gaming systems, Video Games for all systems, iPods, iPads, mp3 players, DS games, etc.  (We will have safety measures in place to the best of our ability for security of items.
  • TOYS All age range toys from infant to tween in great shape, clean, all pieces included.
  • CHILDRENS FURNITURE  Table & Chairs, Changing Tables, Dressers, Toddler Beds, Cribs: If you are selling a crib, it will either need to have the manufacture date on the crib (dated June 28, 2011 or after) OR you will need to have a certificate of compliance (print out from the web or crib manufacturer) stating that the crib meets laws.Seller must set up, to ensure we have all pieces and hardware. Seller must check for recalls.
  • BABY & YOUTH EQUIPMENT- Pack and Plays, Jumperoos, Swings, Exersaucers etc. Seller must set up, to ensure we have all pieces and hardware. Seller must check for recalls.
  • BABY ITEMS- ITEMS LISTED HERE MUST BE ON HANGERS– onsies, swaddlers, blankets, nursing covers, wraps/slings/carriers, diaper bags. 
  • STUFFED ANIMALS: Electronic (have a talent) or popular character types like Disney, Pokemon, Barney, etc.
  • COSTUMES accepted Fall events. Dress Up accepted both events.(MUST DISCOUNT)
  • DESIGNER HANDBAGS specifically COACH, DOONEY, FOSSIL, THIRTY ONE, VERA, MK, LV, and the like sell really well. Secure on a hanger. 
  • HOME DECOR/BEDDING (Category must be discounted) Accepting items such as canvas wall art from Hobby Lobby, organizing shelves/drawers, really new nice current type items for home. For bedding accepting breathable crib bumpers only. No large bed sets. Limit 10 home decor items per account. If you are EVENT STAFF you are able to double limits, or if you mark all to donate your items are unlimited. 
  • SHOES: Current styles, like-new condition all sizes but only styles kids/tweens would wear. Must zip tie together. CLEAN SHOES, dirty shoes will be donated. ****Don’t forget it is required to masking tape in each shoe-consignor #, item #, price and disc y/n. LIMIT 10 PENSACOLA As EVENT STAFF you are able to double limits, or if you mark all to donate your items are unlimited.

 ****Items that are accepted but MUST to BE MARKED TO DISCOUNT***** – bottles/feeding, kids purses/backpacks, bedding, bath, accessories, crafts, books/media.

Unaccepted Items

  • Puzzles/Games that have not been checked for all parts.
  • Infant Bathtubs
  • No bedding sets (crib sheets, lovies, small blankets accepted on hangers. (Make sure to price to sell and they MUST BE DISCOUNT)
  • NO CAR SEATS, only with TRAVEL SYSTEMS are they ACCEPTED or CONVERTIBLE HIGH END CAR SEATS like Britax, they are more durable and have a longer expiration usually 6-8yrs. Make sure to check yours with the manufacturer 
  • Cribs that are out of compliance with the new CPSC ruling, effective June 28, 2011.  It is illegal to sell a crib that does not comply with the CPSC’s new standards. See note to left about selling your crib. Info from the CPSC here.
  • Any recalled items. (Check  for a complete list or just google brand and model) CONSIGNORS RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THEY ARE NOT SELLING ANY RECALLED ITEMS
    • one current recall is for Bumbo seats without the  safety strap .
  • Shirts with old dates printed on the front or event shirts. Ex: Old Navy 2010, Disney 2009
  •  Lingerie or underwear of any kind(Undergarment only NWT (new with tags)
  • Out of Style Apparel
  • Promotional toys from restaurants, fairs, carnivals, etc (we will have donation bins for these)
  • Mattresses with tears or staining, gym/medical equip, furniture with cloth i.e. couches etc.
  • Dvds without it’s original case. NO CD’s
  • Protective gear-cleats, shin guards, helmets
  • Stained, torn, faded, worn, pilled, missing buttons/snaps, broken zippers. Items that smell of smoke, mothballs, or have pet hair on them, equipment that has soiled straps, items that have food or waste residues on them, outdoor Toys/Equipment that are excessively molded or smell of mildew.
  • Electronic Items without batteries. We need to be able to prove it is in working condition to our shoppers. We will donate toys without working batteries. Please make sure the items have enough battery life to last through several tests because if they are out they are likely to be pulled from the sales floor.

ALL UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS will go straight into our donated items.

Step 3: Collect & Prep Your Items

How do I reload?

More info to come….

To Discount or Not?

We strongly recommend discounting who wants the stuff you have purged back to the house? Our half price day is one of our busiest sale days. If you decide to lower a price on one of your larger items during the sale please see a L&M team member.



It’s your responsibility as a seller to check for recalls on products you are selling. Check out the link below for one of many resources.

  • Please DO NOT make duplicate tags for your items, this can be confusing to shoppers
  • To increase your sales and create a more eye appealing display, hang items such as: Blankets/infant towels, bloomers/tights, infant carriers/slings, purses/diaper bags, onsies (no Ziploc bags for any of these items…trust us ,they will sell better)
  • For items with multiple pieces,  double check that all pieces are present before placing a handwritten note on the tag stating- ALL PIECES included.
  • Minimum item price of $3 can Price in .50 cent increments. Consider allowing your items to sell at a discount on the last day, 50% is better than nothing.
  • Use white card stock only for printing tags on. (We have another color for a particular reasons.)
  • Required- Place masking tape with your consignor/item number and price on the bottom of multiple pieces and on the bottoms of shoes in case item and tag are separated.
  • If your item is brought to sale as stained or with a missing button etc and we miss it at inspection and a customer wants to purchase, we reserve the right to sell it for the discounted price (this includes NO DISC items). If items are not clean and in good selling condition we reserve the right to donate. We do not have space to store large items that are not sell-able.
  • Please use appropriate size hangers. Some items have scoop/v necks & they need to be pinned to the hanger through the clothing seams. If the items are under a size 5-6 use a childs hanger or if over use an adult hanger to make items have their best presentation for selling.

Step 4: Drop Off Your Items

Prep For Drop Off Day

Instructions to organize/group to make your drop off quick and easy. A floor map will be sent out closer to drop off day. We will have TONS of organizers onsite ready to answer any questions.

  • Toys Infant/Toddler under age 2 (batteries included & clean) (WEST ALCOVE)
  • Baby-land (as we call it) hooded towels/sheets/blankets/carriers/nursing covers-ALL on HANGERS, cloth diapers, bottles, Infant room decor, infant/parenting books & all the baby items. (WEST ALCOVE)
  • Toys above age 2 (batteries included & clean) (EAST ALCOVE)
  • Shoes (Zip Tied together-no bags). Masking tape must be in each shoe with your seller #, item #, price, and disc y/n. Dirty shoes will be donated. (BINS- MIDDLE OF ROOM)
  • Board games, Puzzles, Video games, Books—we will have a quick drop zone. (EAST ALCOVE)
  • Home Decor/Room Decor—we will have a quick drop zone. (EAST ALCOVE) (Reminder this category will only be allowed at second drop off)
  • Premium Protection added security NEW THIS SALE- If you have any category high-value items (priced over $20)and not marked to donate, check it in with us for insurance and placement in our HV/Boutique area.(HV AREA-FRONT BUILDING EAST)
  • Boutique- Check items in with an inspector to ensure acceptance on the spot and placement in our secure area. (HV AREA-FRONT BUILDING EAST)
  • Clothing- Directional signs are in each row to indicate where to place clothes since rows snake around. All items should be hung with hanger facing you like a question ? mark. Items need to be hung and on the appropriate size hanger (under 5 on infant hanger/over 5 on adult). When you list items in computer and placing on floor- size ranges such as 6-12 mos would go in the starting size(6mos). (RACKS MID-BUILDING)
  • LARGE items- You will set up Baby Equip, Outdoor play, Large Riding Toys, Large Pretend Play etc so we can inspect and add the security tag. (INFO STATION-LARGE ITEM AREA)
  • Separate specialty racks- Costumes-Fall/Dress up-Spring (RACKS EAST ALCOVE), Christmas-Fall/Swim-Spring (RACKS ENTRANCE MID BUILDING)

Make Sure Your Items are CLEAN & SMELL GOOD

Free of pet hair and odor/smoke smells etc. Use a fabric refresher spray and/or freshly launder this will really help sales. Appearance and SMELL is so important.