Busy Mom? Let our experts tag for you! Accepting appts for Pensacola ONLINE & IN PERSON events, spaces are limited. Fill out request below, then call the store for appt before registering.

Too busy to tag your items?

Don’t let that keep you from making money. We get it, we are moms too and understand how hectic life can be. Many moms have great items, but not enough time to prep for the sale. We have a quick & easy solution!

What are the perks to the Busy Mom Tagging Service?

We do all the work for you!

Log in each night of the sale to watch your check grow

Retain 40% of your total sales (clothing on hangers for in person sale)

Pick up or have us donate your unsold items

We handle your drop off for you!

You CAN even shop super early at the Consignor Presale!

To Schedule: Call 850-542-7717 for APPT

9 + 8 =

How does it work?

  • Complete form listed on this page to place you in our tagging queue.
  • Contact us at our store number 850-542-7717 to schedule a drop off appt. 
  • Register for the event online before you drop items off.
  • Items must be clean, hung and prepped, & ready to tag. (For Fall virtual  event -we are not requiring hanging)
  • If there is another planned event in the season- we will allow for an additional drop off appt to reload. 
  • Consignor payouts will be available at our store, typically a week after event pick up.
  • We will price, tag, sort & take your items to the event. You can follow along online and watch your payout grow…SUPER FUN RIGHT???

How to get your items ready for the tagger?

  • Wash and hang clothing items on appropriate size hangers (Virtual-hanging not required) usually infant hangers through size 3-4 sometimes 5 and sizes 6 and up on adult hangers. Label your boxes with your full name. For drop and go (remember this is an extra 10% to tagger) neatly lay flat your clothing items with buttons/zips/snaps done up and place in boxes or bins. Bins will not be returned unless clearly marked on lid and container, not guaranteed or responsible for damage/loss. Please lay outfits flat together for the tagger. No clothing in garbage bags.
  • Put any small toy parts in a Ziploc type bag so they won’t get lost and the tagger can easily identify what they go to.
  • Make sure any item that needs batteries has working batteries. If a tagger has to put in batteries, you will be charged a $1 per battery that will come out of your check.
    Please read the Busy Mom Consignor agreement and bring with you to your drop off time.